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About Holding

Intersputnik Holding Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications was established in December 2005 and is a parent company of the international group of service providers rendering full-scale wireless telecommunication services. Such alliance is offering wide range of opportunities both for the members of the Group and the operators:

  • Advantageous conditions for the lease of space resource and the use of terrestrial infrastructure of the whole Group.
  • Opportunity for building global international communications networks in cooperation with other Group's enterprises.
  • Access to know-how and technologies of the Group and the use of experience of other enterprises.
  • Opportunity for the temporary recruitment of manpower and other resources of the Group for realization of the large scale projects.
  • Strategic and political support by IOSC Intersputnik.

Intersputnik Holding is a core organization of the Group's operators from several countries, coordinates the cooperation of all involved partners and subcontractors and regulates the high level of quality for all services. The Group consists of regional subsidiaries of Intersputnik Holding and also its partners worldwide. The Group's enterprises have all necessary permissions and licenses for communications services in their region and offer the joint unified product portfolio.

Intersputnik Holding is interested in the further Group development and invites into cooperation the administrations and regional communications enterprises. The joining to the Group can be done with two ways:

  • First model means partnership when under the agreements on cooperation local telecom operators will offer full-scale solutions of Intersputnik Holding and use its infrastructure resources.
  • Second model means establishment of subsidiaries either with 100% Intersputnik Holding ownership or in the form of joint ventures. To ensure quick launch of commercial activities Intersputnik Holding will provide its subsidiaries with proved know-how in the form of a model to establish a national wireless network operator company to render advanced telecommunication services to governmental, commercial and private customers.

Many years' experience of Intersputnik during the operation in the various regions worldwide including the countries with developing economy allowed the Group's specialists to develop some typical business-models of establishing national communications operator. These business-models allow to solve the several tasks - from the building supporting communications network up to the creation of valuable satellite communications network including terrestrial infrastructure and national satellites.

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